About Kristen

Nearly 10 years ago, Kristen had the opportunity to create and manage student events and activities while attending Rochester College. During those years, Kristen discovered not only a new creative outlet, but true passion in event planning. Since then, Kristen has had many opportunities to hone her craft through personal and professional experiences planning events - and for her, it just feels natural.

Coupled with planning events, Kristen has a new found passion for creating sweet treats for friends, family and clients. Kristen has always enjoyed feeding people... and she willingly admits that she has had a sweet tooth all her life, perhaps even before she was born (genetics). Bringing these two passions together just makes sense.

Thank you for stopping by our site - and please feel free to contact Kristen with any questions.

Kristen lives in Fishers, Indiana with her inspiring husband and two adorable pooches, Princess and Paco.

Photo by Amy Moore, Amy Moore Photography.