Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Candy Buffet

2009 was a year of significant change for me, for both my career and personal life. My company was purchased by a large competitor, Francis and I got married, and we bought a house. All three of these life events are incredibly stressful but also very exciting. Luckily for me, with my my wedding in May and my company's holiday party in December, I was able to plan two very fun gala events in this same calendar year. Planning my office party was an excellent opportunity for me to do what I love the most (plan events - and get paid for it) and to include things we were not able to do for our wedding due to budget constraints. The #1 thing I was excited to include was a candy buffet.

The hubs and I enjoying my company holiday party.
Candy Buffets are growing in popularity and are popping up in all sorts of events from baby showers to wedding receptions (and, obviously, corporate holiday parties!). I wanted to create a candy buffet with that fit within the color scheme I had selected for the party - purple and silver.  
I began scouring the internet for bulk candy sites - and there are plenty out there! However, for me, there were few with very many purple options. Finally, I was able to find a site that not only organized their candy options by color (genius) but had many yummy sounding treats in my desired color scheme! I was able to create a selection of candy that was both tasty and pretty, which was my goal all along. I purchased glass in various shapes from Home Goods and added height under the table cloths to create visual interest.

The Cast of Characters
  • Rock Candy
  • Purple Gumdrops  
  • Grape Licorice 
  • Sugar Plums (could be called "super yum")
  • Grape flavored Old Fashioned Candy (in stick form)
  • Grape fruit slices (there were also VERY good - they are like the lemon/orange/lime slices you can find many places, but way better because they are grape - a flavor I happen to love)
  • Silvered almonds (these were really expensive but were the first to go!)
  • Silver wrapped chocolate mint truffles
  • Silver wrapped chocolate caramels 
  • Silver wrapped toffee licorice (yuck - this was the only disappointment) 

For each of the candy options, I included a hang tag with the candy variety attached so that people knew what they were eating. :-)

Grape Fruit Slices
Silvered Almonds

Sugar Plums
Toffee Licorice
Having a take-home option for the candy was really important to me. I found these cute silver boxes and placed purple tissue paper inside to continue the color scheme. 

A candy buffet is many things for an event: beautiful decoration, entertainment and parting gift for your guests. They can be quite pricey, but could also be the show-stopping piece your event needs!

Vendor Credits
Embosser - Paper Source


  1. love everything....but where did get those silver boxes and how big are they?

  2. Racking my brain, and failing to remember! I'm certain I purchased them online, I just can't recall where. They were about 6" tall when folded, 4" wide and 3" deep.


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