Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We Have Another Blogger in the Family!

Friends, please welcome my darling husband to the world of blogging. Over the past weekend, he decided to take the plunge and delve into these frequently charted waters for himself to see what blogging was all about. He chose a topic that is near and dear to his precious heart - basketball - and quickly became addicted to creating posts!

 PassDribbleShoot, authored by Francis H. Ramirez, III, dives into his love for basketball. As you read his posts, you'll start to understand why the guy is such a fanatic about the sport of basketball (and that he's actually a better writer than he gives himself credit to be!). My husband is pretty much the epitome of a baller - he plays the sport, lives the sport, and breathes the sport. In fact, basketball is actually much more than a sport to him - it's more like a way of life, a means of survival when the cards dealt to him made his situation seem pretty bleak to some folks. Through his stories of how he became introduced to the game and his journey to play college ball, I hope that you will be able to see how God sought and pursued Francis through the game of basketball. 

Here is Francis with the team at Rochester College (who happen to be two time National Champs during his tenure!). Francis and I will both be forever indebted to the College - and we have God to thank for leading us there. And while He led us to RC for very different reasons, without his pursuance, we would not have met.  Even more, without the College, neither of us would know God the way that we do now.

So if you like basketball or know someone who does, let them know about PassDribbleShoot. Francis's posts will cover all things basketball from his perspective - and his passion for the game will hopefully inspire others, as he does for me on a daily basis!

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